Thursday, September 29, 2005

ABC "Regional" Coverage

Correct me if I'm wrong but last I checked State College, Pennsylvania is a lot closer to New York City than Los Angeles or Tempe, Arizona. So now I would like an explanation as to why I will not be seeing the Minnesota-Penn State game on WABC on Saturday afternoon. Now I can understand why the Syracuse-Florida State will be on WTNH out of New Haven, CT with New England being Big East (and now ACC) territory but how in the heck is ASU-USC a REGIONAL broadcast? Most sports fans north of Pennsylvania don't give a crap about college football and they are transplanted. Most NY and New England sports fans, and now myself included, will be watching the Yankees-Red Sox game instead. I can also vouch for the fact that there a heck of a lot more Penn State fans in New York and New England than USC and Arizona State combined. After Connecticut and Notre Dame, I wouldn't surprise me if Penn State was the third most popular team among college football fans in this region. It is an absolute disgrace that ABC continues to spurn Penn State. The only PSU games I remember being broadcast in New Enland and New York on ABC over the past two seasons were the Boston College games in 2003 and 2004. It still seems like yesterday that the Penn State game would always be on here in Connecticut no matter what. Back in 1998, the PSU-Bowling Green was on ABC up here. Now we can't even get the Minnesota game. Oh well, I'll enjoy the Yankees capturing their eighth straight AL East pennant and then listening to the Minnesota-Penn State game. Next week will be one of my most treasured as a college football fan when I make the trip down to Happy Valley for the Ohio State-Penn State game. A night game at home (first time since Nebraska in 2002), 110,000+ and a wild atmosphere.


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Thursday, September 29, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reason is that the North doesn't care as much about college football, so they try to get as many people to watch as possible by putting on a game of national importance. That game was closer to being Arizona State-USC last week than Penn State-Minnesota. They figure that if you are really a fan of one of the other schools, you'll buy Gameplan...which every college football fan should do anyway.

Thursday, October 06, 2005  

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