Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Time to Expand the Mountain West, Destroy the WAC and Sink the Big East

The landscape of college football has changed greatly in the past year or so. Miami, Virginia Tech and Boston College all exited the Big East to join the ACC. Conference USA suffered a mass exodus when Cincinnati, Louisville and South Florida left to join the Big East. The time then came for the near death blow to the WAC, as C-USA pillaged SMU, Tulsa, Rice and UTEP. The Sun Belt then lost some key members when Idaho, New Mexico State and Utah State left to join the depleted WAC. Amidst this mess, TCU moved from C-USA to the Mountain West.

Now I propose one more major change, including the first discontinuation of a 1-A conference since the Big West, and a league to rival the MAC in terms of size. I propose the following moves:

Mountain West- Boise State, Fresno State and Hawaii leave the WAC

Sun Belt- The remaining WAC members (Idaho, Nevada, Louisiana Tech, Utah State and New Mexico State) join.

The new leagues would then look like this:

Mountain West
North Division:
Air Force
Boise State
Colorado State

South Division:
Fresno State
New Mexico
San Diego State

Sun Belt
South Division:
Arkansas State
Florida Atlantic
Florida International
Louisiana Tech
Middle Tennessee State

West Division:
New Mexico State
North Texas
San Jose State
Utah State

It is undeniable that a Mountain West that looked like that would be an inferior conference to the Big East. Boise State, Fresno State and Hawaii are all consistent bowl teams and could even rival the Pac-10 in year to year strength. This would finally push the terrible Big East out of the BCS picture and into their rightful place- mid-major standing. Now all that would need to be done is the removal of West Virginia to an actual football conference and let the rest of them rot in their superior basketball and weak football conference.


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