Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Berwick's Curry Calls it a Career


I don't follow Coal Region football as much as I would like to. Living in and growing up in Connecticut, it is extremely difficult to follow my own high school team, let alone one hundreds of miles away. But I check the scoreboards on WNEP every Friday night and I'm well aware of the legend that is George Curry and Berwick football.

Today George Curry, the head coach of the Berwick Bulldogs for 34 seasons, announced his retirement. Despite the fact that I don't follow Northeastern Pennsylvania high school football, this is rather depressing. Curry is a Coal Region legend. He has led Berwick to six state championships and three national championships. He has sent numerous players to the elite level of college football, such as ex-Notre Dame QB Ron Powlus and ex-Penn State OL Gus Felder. Curry is the reason that Berwick is regarded as one of the best football programs not only in Northeastern Pennsylvania but the entire commonwealth and Mid-Atlantic region.

Curry has been rumored to have interest in the Wyoming Valley West job, as well as the Lake-Lehman job, where he began his coaching career. I for one hope that he decides to continue coaching. He is an asset to high school football in Pennsylvania. Berwick will likely go on to continue as one of the most successful programs in Northeastern Pennsylvania. But a legend has moved on and can never be replaced.

Chalk up one more football legend hanging it up before Joe Paterno.


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