Saturday, November 26, 2005

So Much For Iowa State

Make it 93 years without a conference title. Now sad and pathetic Colorado, who got thwarted at home by Nebraska, gets to be embarassed on national TV by Texas next Saturday. With the win, Kansas is now 6-5 and will go to a bowl game for the second time in three years, last going to the Tangerine Bowl (now Champs Sports Bowl) in 2003 against N.C. State.

I guess the good news is that once every couple of years these Big 12 North teams who have no business even being in the game, find a way to win. In 2001, Colorado upset Texas to earn a Fiesta Bowl bid. Most recently in 2003, Kansas State upset undefeated Oklahoma. Now four years later we get a rematch of the 2001 game.

As a Penn State fan, I can only hope for a similar outcome.


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