Sunday, December 25, 2005

Best and Worst of the Bowls

The Best:
MPC Computers Bowl (Boise State vs Boston College)- Boise State, despite winning nine games, actually had what they might consider a disappointing season. The Broncos will have a chance to send off Dan Hawkins on the smurf turf against a solid Boston College team that had a rather successful first season in the ACC. Mathias Kiwanauka is one of the most dominating ends in college football and the Boise State offense is always exciting to watch. I wouldn't go out of my way to watch this one but if I have nothing better to do, it should keep me entertained.

Alamo Bowl (Michigan vs Nebraska)- These two traditional powers meeting in the Alamo Bowl seems a bit odd but it should be entertaining none the less. Michigan is definitely more talented than their 7-4 record indicates. Nebraska desperately wants to prove that they're still relevant on the national scene and there would be no better way than to beat up on almighty Michigan. The Wolverines and their fans had much grander expectations for this season, will the players be up for this one?

Sun Bowl (Northwstern vs UCLA)- While Northwestern will probably be happy to be here, UCLA also gets screwed by the Pac-10's sorry line up of bowl bids. Both teams have amazing offenses and lackluster defenses. So much like Sun Bowls of the past, this one should be an interesting shootout. Both have a number of intriguing players on offense- Drew Olsen, Maurice Drew and Marcedes Lewis for UCLA and Brett Basenez and Tyrell Sutton for Northwestern.

Holiday Bowl (Oklahoma vs Oregon)- The Ducks at 10-1, unfortunately, were screwed over by the BCS and then again by the unfair Pac-10 bowl tie-ins. Does 9-2 Louisville really deserve to be playing on New Year's Day and 10-1 Oregon doesn't? Oklahoma, much like Michigan, had much grander expectations for this season. While the Sooners pieced together a 7-4 season after a stunning los to TCU, this season was definitely a disappointment. If the Ducks take a lesson from Cal, after their BCS screw job last season, the Sooners could pull off a big victory. I'm curious to see how the second best Pac-10 team compares to a middle of the road Big 12 team.

Peach Bowl (LSU vs Miami)- This is one of the better bowl match ups overall, including the BCS. Both laid eggs in big games down the stretch this season but both have been near the top of college football for the past five seasons. Both are well balanced teams with a ton of future NFLers. Both would love a big win to get wheels rolling towards a MNC run in 2006.

Cotton Bowl (Alabama vs Texas Tech)- These two teams are both 9-2 but got there with two completely different styles of play. Alabama features a punishing defense led by All-American linebacker DeMeco Ryans and safety Charlie Peprah. Texas Tech features one of the nation's most consistently dominating offenses led by QB Cody Hodges and tailback Taurean Henderson. Of the non-BCS Jan. 2nd match ups, I'm looking forward to this one the most. Will the Tide's defense be able to contain the potent Red Raider offense or will Texas Tech rip apart the Alabama defense?

The Worst:
Meineke Car Care Bowl (N.C. State vs South Florida)- Very little in this match up appeals to me. N.C. State has a strong defense and South Florida will be playing in their first bowl game but I just can't find any reason to be excited about this match up.

Gator Bowl (Louisville vs Virginia Tech)- If we could replace Louisville with Oregon, this would be among the best match ups. Instead it features the most recent Hokie team to choke in its two biggest games of the season against a Louisville team that failed to win the Big East despite being touted as a Top 10 team to start the season. Even worse, Brian Brohm is hurt and out of the game. Virginia Tech should roll Louisville. The Outback, Cotton and Capital One Bowls will all have to be duds to get me to tune into this match up.


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