Thursday, January 26, 2006

Men's Basketball: Wisconsin 72, Penn State 43

Well to say that I didn't see this coming would be a lie. Wisconsin was either going to fold up like a cheap suit or kill Penn State. Unfortunately, it was the latter. The Badgers, still among the best in the Big Ten, exposed what a young team PSU still is and what a long road it is still going to be on the way back to respectability. A win over Michigan State or Michigan would be huge for the Lions though that's about as likely as winning the Power Ball.

Geary Claxton is the best player in the Big Ten that no one knows about. Claxton had 17 against Wisconsin, the only Lion in double figures, and he has been a force in every game this season. I'm beginning to think that he may have a decent chance of getting drafted if he sticks it out for all four seasons.

Penn State's next game is Saturday at Michigan State. Unfortunately, this one looks like another road beatdown. Though I just can't help but thinking that if all of these other "low profile" programs can pull these major upsets, Penn State's time has to be coming eventually.


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