Saturday, February 04, 2006

Penn State Stuns #6 Illinois

I am in udder shock right now. What I just heard cannot be real. Penn State basketball, beating a Top 10 team on the road, ending the nation's longest home winning streak? Unbelieveable. As a Penn State basketball fan, this is an historic victory. This is by far the biggest victory for Penn State since the win over North Carolina to advance to the Sweet 16. Heck, considering what was riding on it for Illinois, it may have been bigger. To start out down 13-0 and come back like the Lions did- it shows heart and pride. Everything finally came full circle for this team. So close against Michigan State last week, Michigan earlier in the week, PSU was finally able to seal the deal.

Now Penn State has three consecutive home games against Minnesota, Wisconsin and Indiana. Wisconsin lost to Purdue today and Indiana lost at home against Connecticut. All three are winnable games and obviously want these wins but every Penn State fan is going to spend the rest of the season basking in the glory of beating Illinois. Just unbelieveable.


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