Thursday, October 06, 2005

BlogPoll Roundtable #9

1. Assuming that USC, Texas, Alabama and Virginia Tech all go undefeated at the end of the season, who deserves to play in the Rose Bowl for the BCS Title?
Basing it on what I have seen so far- Texas and Virginia Tech. I'm sorry Trojan fans but Southern Cal has not been overly impressive against the two best teams they have faced so far in Oregon and Arizona State. Meanwhile, Virginia Tech handled Georgia Tech, a team I still think is still grossly underrated. Texas beat Ohio State in Columbus and they have otherwise handled their opponents. I need to see more from Alabama. Yes, the win over Florida was nice but they didn't look outstanding against Arkansas the week before or Middle Tennessee State earlier in the season. Alabama is only being discussed because they destroyed Florida. I suppose we'll be talking about Penn State as a national title contender next week if they beat Ohio State since one win is the only reason we're talking about Alabama.

2. With most of the teams in conference play, which games have the greatest implication in defining the broader BCS picture (at larges, etc.) this year?
Southern Cal at Notre Dame- The Irish are still fighting for a BCS bid and this may be Southern Cal's biggest challenge left on the schedule.

Ohio State at Penn State- Both teams should be in the BCS hunt down the stretch.

Florida State at Florida- With Virginia Tech ahead of FSU in the ACC and Alabama and Georgia ahead of Florida, this will be a potential fight for an at-large bid.

3. In addition to the BCS Title, the Associated Press, FWAA and several other groups award National Championship Trophies. What award should be given to the winner of the final College Football Blogpoll?
The Bryant-Paterno Trophy.

Bonus Football Question: Since I am going to be in London this weekend and the only “football” I will see will be the World Cup Qualifying…are there any Germany 2006 Qualifying games you’d watch if it weren’t College Football season?!?
No. I would watch an NAIA football game before I would watch soccer.


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