Monday, January 02, 2006

Citrus Bowl

I refuse to call it by it's corporate name. Corporate name bowls are played before New Year's, are played in places like Boise and feature unranked teams. Anyway...

Wisconsin is up 17-0 Over Auburn mid-way through the second quarter. Calhoun is running hard and John Stocco seems to be playing his best football of the season. The less than stellar defense is also hanging tough, handling Kenny Irons and the Auburn attack. Hopefully they can keep it up because the Big Ten could use a big bowl win like this after some of the embarassments that have plagued the Big Ten thus far. Iowa is getting spanked by Florida 31-14 right now.

These two teams look like they reversed roles. Wisconsin ended the regular season with a huge loss at Penn State, a loss to Iowa and a win at Hawaii. Auburn ended the regular season with victories over Georgia and Alabama. The game so far reminds me a little bit of the 2003 Capital One Bowl between Auburn and Penn State. Penn State looked uninspired and really didn't seem prepared for the game and allowed Auburn to capitalize on their silly mistakes. Now that uninspired play seems to be plaguing Auburn. Kenny Irons needs to take advantage of the weak Wisconsin defense if Auburn has any prayer of coming back. Wisconsin looks determined to send Barry Alvarez out on a winning note.


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