Monday, January 02, 2006

Vick is Sick(ening)

What a classy bunch of players Frank Beamer has playing for him. Marcus Vick steps on a Louisville defender in an attempt to injure him. Pretty sad if the only way almighty Virginia Tech can beat Louisville is by injuring their players. It's a lucky thing for the Hokies that Brian Brohm isn't playing in the game. If he was, the game would get pretty ugly.

So we have Michael Vick, the most overrated player, let alone QB, in the NFL, and Marcus Vick who was kicked out of school for a year and had charges brought against him for questionable activity with minors. Frank Beamer must have a lot to be proud of.

Virginia Tech= Miami of the North

Only Miami can win big games. Virginia Tech beats up on cupcakes and then gets embarassed any time they're playing a meaningful game.


Blogger dolphinfan said...

Speaking of Miami winning big games, how lost did they look in the Peach Bowl? Did they even practice leading up to the game?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006  

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