Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Warm Welcome to College Basketball Season!

That would be all college basketball except that played in Happy Valley. College basketball is a great sport. Unfortunately, being a Penn State basketball fan is a lot like making a deal with the devil. We are given the pleasure of one of the most historically successful football programs in college football history. Then we suffer with perhaps the worst basketball program among the major conferences. Tomorrow night (1/11), Penn State will face Northwestern, the Big Ten game Penn State is typically able to win. However, after the 101-69 defeat (and that's putting it lightly) at Ohio State, it makes me wonder if Penn State will be able to beat anyone in the Big Ten this season? Looks like it's back to the days of the football team having more wins than the basketball team. At least PSU fans have that to be thankful for.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to finally being able to watch more college basketball. I'm really looking forward to watching the Big East this season. There are so many good teams in the conference and some of them aren't even in or near the Top 25. Unlike last season when Illinois was the dominant team throughout the regular season, there is going to be a pretty good battle once Duke loses. And it will happen during the regular season. At least I hope so.

I will try to talk some college hoops here once in awhile. Unfortunately, a lot of it will be about the sorry state of the Penn State basketball program. Enjoy the GOOD hoops, everyone.


Blogger Mike said...

I really shake my head sometimes and wonder why a bigtime school like Penn State in a bigtime conference like the Big Ten can't field a competitive basketball team. I don't expect a national champion contender, but 20 wins and a NCAA Tournament birth would be nice once in awhile.

I think we need to bring in a big time coach. Someone with a proven record of winning games and building programs. Someone who can make kids believe he will get the talent they need to be competitive. This turnstyle of promoting assistance coaches is not going to work. It's just more of the same.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you look at the other schools that surround Penn State, it's easy to see why Penn State can't field a competative basketball team. You've got schools like Villanova, Temple, St. Joe's, Rutgers, Penn, LaSalle who are all known mainly for their basketball programs. If you're a high school student being recruited, chances are that you are going to choose one of these other schools who have a reputation for good basketball, over Penn State, which is known mainly for football. Maybe if we were in the Big East, we could be a little bit more competative basketball wise. We're isolated from the rest of the Big 10, while you have the Big 5 in Philadelphia, and the Big East in PA and it's surrounding border states. When you look at other Big 10 schools like Indiana, Michigan State, and Ohio State, they are basically the only big name schools in there states, but Pennsylvania has so many basketball schools to choose from, that someone is more likely to go to a school in PA that has been known for a winning basketball tradition.

As for bringing in a big time coach, I don't think thats going to be possible. You'd have to find someone really desperate, who maybe just got fired. I don't know why anyone would want quit a winning program to go to a losing program, but hey it could happen. We're just going to hope that we can build from the ground up, and hopefully attract more recruits.

Thursday, January 12, 2006  

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