Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I Hate Notre Dame

photo©Will Dorsey, Boston College

That’s the simple truth. Sorry to any Domers that read this. Not all ND fans are bad people. One of my friends is a subway alum and I end up giving him more crap about ND than he gives me about Penn State. But the overwhelming majority of Notre Dame fans are arrogant unknowledgeable fools. Most non-ND fans know this but it goes to a whole new level when you’ve lived in one of the biggest hot beds of Irish supporters.

I’m from Scranton, PA and Northeastern Pennsylvania has to be one of the largest outposts of ND fans. The thing is 95% of them, and that might be being a bit kind, didn’t graduate from Notre Dame. I’d guess the vast majority of them have never been to South Bend. It’s these “my-granddaddy-was-Irish-so-I-root-for-ND” that are the worst. They are the ones that have created the arrogant ND fan stereotype. I almost feel bad for the actual ND alumni who have to put up with these jokers that make the entire fan base look bad.

It was bad in the early ’90s. It’s even worse now. The blind loyalty to Charlie Weis. The supposed “return to glory.” It’s all sickening. Notre Dame isn’t back. If the Irish are “back” they certainly have no intention of returning to where they were during the Lou Holtz era. I’d hardly call a two year stretch where your best win is against a Penn State team that went 9-4 (and don’t kid yourself, that’s it their biggest, I defy anyone to beat it) being “back.”

I can’t wait for Saturday night. I’ve waited a year for this. I remember thinking as ND went up 41-3 during last year’s match up, “Damn I can’t wait until next year and the shoe is on the other foot.” Last year Penn State had the inexperienced team playing a much more experienced ND team. This year Notre Dame returns little experience and Penn State has the experience and home-field advantage. And with Jimmy Clausen starting, it’s going to be rough for the Irish.

I’ll have a more in-depth preview up tomorrow but for now a score prediction:

Penn State 41, Notre Dame 10


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, Psu has tons to be proud of. An ancient coach who won't retire to allow another coach to lead the team, 1 Heisman winner and 2 NC's. Fight on, State! Psuers, MSU, OSU and UM fans are the most obnoxious fans in the country (the entire Big 10 pretty much, except for Wisconsin and Purdue). I hope Moronelli gets to face LSU's or USC's defense this year in the "NC" game (haha); talk about deer in the headlight look, which he STILL possesses after his "tremendous" (pitiful) game against Tenn. in January. Clausen looked better than your "senior" QB in the "scary" white out. Do you really think wearing white bothers the opponents? You guys are the joke of all college football fans.
Psuers are so jealous of ND and all it stands for . . . education, discipline, and respect for their opponents, unlike Psu. Flipping the finger at ND's band at your crappy white house and turning your back on them is so sickening. If Joepa was any kind of coach, he wouldn't allow that kind of behavior - neither would Spanier. Oh, but if he can get his players off the hook for criminal charges, what does it matter if the student section flips off the opposing team's band? Right?
Psu thinks that they because joined the Big 11 that they're too good to play Pitt. How wrong you are. That rivalry was your only one. Oh yeah, you have Temple, I forgot.
Too bad ur 41-10 score was wrong. It was great kicking your butts in South Bend last year. Oh yeah, I thought PSU was the experienced team last year with "Poz and Co." How pathetic. Best of luck (psyche) with the rest of your lame season; hope you HAVE to face LSU or USC in the NC game -- have fun with those teams!

Friday, September 14, 2007  
Blogger aw said...

PSU fans everywhere

Sunday, November 02, 2008  

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