Monday, October 10, 2005

Week Six Thoughts

I didn't watch much college football this weekend outside of the Ohio State-Penn State since I spent most of my Saturday and then Sunday going to and from State College and Connecticut so this will be an abbreviated version of my weekly thoughts. Last week my thoughts were linked on

Boston College appears to have bounced back from their early loss to Florida State and they are beginning to climb the polls after a win over Virginia. I'm still not sold on BC but I think they deserve credit for how well they have played in their first season in the ACC, agruably the deepest league in the country this season.

Georgia Tech, a team I was very high on coming into the season, lost a hearbreaker to N.C. State on Thursday night on a pass that was intercepted after falling through the hands of Calvin Johnson. I still think the Yellow Jackets are a good team but they really need a win against a big time opponent to get people's attention again. Thus far they still look like typical 7-8 win and a bowl game Georgia Tech. There are few teams in the nation that put up the same type of seasons as Georgia Tech does year in and year out.

Penn State entered the Top 10 in both polls for the first time since 1999 after beating Ohio State 17-10. Derrick Williams continued to prove why he is emerging as one college football's best playmakers and the PSU defense was once again stellar. Ohio State looked downright lost out there at some points and ran the same plays over and over again. Their offensive playcalling reminded me of Penn State's in 2004- predictable, repetitive and unproductive.

Michigan lost to Minnesota for the first time since 1986, 23-20 at home and surrendered the Little Brown Jug. The Wolverines have their worst team in several years. A loss to Penn State on Saturday would drop the Wolverines to 3-4.

Texas ended their losing streak to Oklahoma in big fashion, taking it 45-12. The Sooners are a bad football team. Ever since that loss to TCU, I have seen a 5-6 season for them. That loss to TCU could have the same damaging affect on them that Penn State's 2000 home loss to Toledo had. The Lions finished a disappointing 5-7 and had, at that point, only Joe Paterno's second losing season.

Texas Tech, after putting 70 on them last season, escaped Lincoln with a 34-31. Texas Tech is clearly the second best team in the Big 12 but a mile. The Red Raiders are the only team left on the schedule that the Longhorns should fear.

Southern Cal defeated Arizona 42-21. It wasn't a particularly convincing win that could have been a lot closer. I think the Trojans beat Notre Dame next week but unless they get their act together, they will lose in the Rose Bowl. All of the unbeaten teams left with a decent shot at the national championship- Texas, Virginia Tech, Georgia, Florida State, Alabama and Penn State- all have tremendous defenses and offenses that score points. The Trojans should be concerned because only the Pac-10 you can go undefeated by outscoring everyone.

UCLA upset Cal and the Bruins have flown under the radar at 5-0. The re-emergence of Alabama, Notre Dame and Penn State certainly hasn't helped get the Bruins ay attention but they are certainly deserving. They have the best shot of anyone out the Pac-10 to knock off USC.

Georgia, in what was supposed to be a down season, has quitely ascended to #4 in the polls and won some support after beating Tennessee on Rocky Top. The Bulldogs look like the best team out of the SEC East but they will need to get past the Gaotrs in the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party in a couple of weeks.


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