Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Enough Already

I am so sick and tired of hearing about USC and how they are the best team to take the field ever. Why is the 2005 USC team being compared to the greatest teams in the history of college football? They haven't won a national title yet. They nearly lost to Fresno State at home and were two lucky, one illegal, plays against Notre Dame from having their winning streak snapped. Today on SportsCenter they compared the 2005 USC team to the 1994 Penn State team, arguably the greatest offense in the history of college football. Both Kirk Herbstreit and Mark May had the gaul to pick USC. While 1994 actually featured one of Penn State's weaker defenses of the Paterno Era, it was a lot better than the unit USC is fielding. Frankly, until this USC team marches off the the Rose Bowl field with the crystal football, they shouldn't be mentioned with the greatest teams. The 2004 Trojans deserve the comparisons, I think they were a better team than the 2005 squad. I doubt we will see the 2005 Texas team being compared to these legendary teams if they knock off USC. The hype for Southern Cal by ESPN is absolutely disgusting. I never had anything against USC until all of this hype for a team that hasn't won anything more than the Pac-10 yet this season. ESPN makes it so easy to dislike teams and players with how much the gush over them. I'm sick of hearing about Tom Brady and the Patriots. I never had a problem with the Patriots until ESPN began doing daily reports on them. Same for USC.

I really hope Texas kicks the crap out of USC, just to shut the stupud pundits up already. The '94 Lions would beat USC, the '01 Hurricanes would beat USC, the '95 Cornhuskers would beat USC. The 2005 Trojans are not the greatest team to ever take the field. They are far from it. They may be one of the greatest offenses to ever take the field but they have to win the national title before we rank them with the greatest teams to ever take the field.


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