Saturday, December 03, 2005

Conference Championship Games Suck

Today we witnessed the 70-3 thrashing that Texas laid on Colorado. At first I wondered why there were no Colorado fans at the game. Then I remembered that they were 7-4 and had zero chance at beating Texas. The game was over after Colorado turned the ball over on their first possession. The rest of it was a train wreck.

Now we have the ACC Championship Game where Florida State is hammering Virginia Tech 27-9 in the 4th quarter. Yes, VT shouldn't be getting hammered this badly but when the best team in the other division is 7-4, they shouldn't have to play the game. The Hokies should have been crowned ACC champions after they beat North Carolina last week.

At least the SEC provided us with a meritted game. Unfortunately, the wheels finally came off for LSU and Georgia manhandled them. Funny thing is, the best team in the SEC wasn't even in the game. Auburn was sitting at home on the Plains because their kicker couldn't make more than 1 of 6 FG's against LSU. This was the only major conference championship game that should have been played.

Enough is enough. It's bad enough when a 7-4 team sneaks into the BCS like Pitt did last season because they play in a terrible league. It's even worse when they allow the opportunity to a bum team like Florida State to take win an automatic bid because of one game. There needs to be a stipulation that to participate in a conference championship game, you must have at least 9 wins. Any team with less than 9 wins does not deserve the opportunity to get to a BCS bowl. Enough of these stupid "championship" games. Did we really need to see Texas clobber Colorado again? Did Virginia Tech really need to play a 7-4 Florida State team?


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