Sunday, December 04, 2005

Quit Crying

Fans of schools other than Penn State- please don't judge Nittany Nation on what you read on message boards. Most PSU fans are decent, level-headed people who support the Lions no matter what. Most are not whinny crybabies. Unfortunately, the small percentage that do post on message board make Lions fans look horrible. I am absolutely sick and tired of hearing complaining about playing Florida State in the Orange Bowl. Yes, we were expecting to play a better opponent than 8-4 #22 Florida State but what's done is done. The Seminoles are going to bring their "A" game and they want to prove that they do belong in a BCS bowl. They will give Penn State a game whether some PSU fans want to admit it or not.

Hopefully this whinning subsides soon, otherwise the next month will be intolerable. Four months ago, if someone told PSU fans that we would be 10-1, Big Ten champs and be headed to the Orange Bowl, no one would have complained. We would have been giddy like school girls. Now some fans are claiming that they will sell their tickets to the Orange Bowl and not go, playing #22 FSU isn't worth it. Disgraceful. Absolutely. If I had the financial means to go to Miami for the game, I'd do it in a second. This team deserves our support whether they're playing Notre Dame or whether they're playing Florida State. Any fan willing to begrudge this team their support isn't a true fan and certainly not worthy of being called a proud alumnus.

Am I disappointing that PSU won't get to play a top team? Absolutely. Am I going to sit here and whine about it for a month? Absolutely not. I'm looking forward to it. Penn State-Florida State, Bowden vs Paterno. Throw out the records, it'll be a good one.


Blogger Pat said...

I'm trying, really, I'm trying. I even said I would. But... c'mon, deep down, you have to be a little aggravated at Virginia Tech for laying that complete egg against Florida State.

As for whether or not FSU will give Penn State a game, I'm not so sure. FSU won over Virginia Tech more due to Va. Tech's poor play rather than any skill on their own part. Facing a defense that has enough confidence in their secondary to rush at least their front four, I don't think FSU will manage. Add in an offense that can, oh, I don't know, read zone coverage at all, and you've got everything that Va. Tech wasn't in that game.

I mean, we saw what happened in the Wisconsin game when their offensive line didn't match up to ours. It wasn't a game. It was fun to watch, but it wasn't a game.

That being said, I agree that any fan who gives up tickets to the Orange Bowl due to "unworthiness of opponent" should be stripped of their alumni status. I mean, the game is in Florida. Penn State needs every fan it can get there.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005  

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